A gemini man dating a gemini woman

I think these are group at matches as long as the Aries can deal with unpredictable Gemini an the Gemini a handle the firey Aries I love had s style.. I think I messed up with my Gemini woman This is all true.

I sit back a be gorgeous until I'm ready to join him being the light of the party. I am an Aries man who fell in love with my best friend high school sweet heart, Gemini woman at age 16.

She can provide the substance he needs and he can make her see the value in other people's viewpoints.

Gemini woman as a dual zodiac sign is inclined to scrupulously and carefully consider all possible ways.

She very often doubts in choosing the right tactics, and may even go back on her word if she thinks that the gain is not worth it.

I think I messed up with my Gemini woman This is all true.

And un-experience me took too long to see the potential I had in front of me but by then, I guess she gave up on me, and started dating. I dont know if this is the nostalgia talking but I do miss her, us, who we used to be. 10 years later I still have some things to work im 28 years old.i have a high school best friend aries man. he respect me a lot & actually confesses to marry me someday, & have kids with me.

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Boredom could potentially be the enemy of this union.

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