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Basically what happened was, I got taken to detention, which looked a lot like a jail cell, escaped through the sewer pipes, and found my way back to class. Cena told us we all had to go on a field trip, which happened to be in the sewer.

We met a large red John Cena monster, and a John Cena knight appeared out of nowhere and I helped him slay the beast.

Well, currently she is mostly in the news for Nikki Bella John Cena relation and her stay off the wrestling due to Nikki Bella injury.

To know more about her personal life, read the next segment of this biography.

This seemed to work, and at school the following morning, I learned that the John Cena prom was coming up the next day.

Lo and behold, at the prom I ran into Johnny Cena again, as well as his date: Jane Cena.

The twins were born in California and so, Nikki Bella nationality is American.

However, her fans are still waiting on Nikki Bella new movie which is expected to release in mid-2016.

Of all the matches she has ever had in the WWE, Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella match was the one that created the most buzz.

Now, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella songs were also separated as making the two sisters fight was a part of the storyline.

She had done her graduation from ‘Grossment College’.

She celebrated her last birthday party with her partner John Cena and her twin sister Brie Bella.

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