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On two separate occasions, I streamed live sporting events from the middle of a field with nothing but the c920 plugged into my laptop and—from morning light to nighttime stadium lights with people sprinting through the frame—it didn’t miss one pass.Logitech’s webcam software didn’t automatically install when I plugged any of their cameras in.Anything cheaper will come with a distracting drop in quality, anything more expensive and you won’t notice enough of an improvement until you start shooting photos or video with a proper camera.The Logitech c920, and Logitech cameras in general, are really top-notch, but that quality comes at a premium that not everybody wants to pay.There will probably come a day when the c920 isn't available at all anymore, but until then it's still the best choice.The c922 can do 60 fps at 1080p instead of just 720p and has a decent built-in background removal tool, but it's otherwise essentially the same fidelty camera as the c920 but at a higher price.In fact, the c922's launch actually drove the price of the c920 down further, making the quality-to-price ratio even better.

So while the Microsoft Life Cam HD-3000 might not seem so budget, generally staying in the -30 (£20.06 GBP) price range, it is the best quality you can get at such a low price.The HD-3000 is a plug-n-play camera in the truest meaning on the term.The stand is very adaptable and fit every monitor I put it on.There are a lot of webcams out there, and it’s hard to judge a camera’s quality without plugging it in and using it firsthand.I tested nearly a dozen different webcams to find out which was the best.

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