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It all depends on what’s inside him driving him to act the way that he’s acting. There’s a couple different types of guys who go hot and cold.He should be committed to you 150 percent if he deserves you. You’re not an extra in anyone’s life because you’re worth so much more.

If this guy is going all Jekyll and Hyde on you, it’s a sign that one of them is a total lie. He might be one of those guys who’s never satisfied with what he has and is always on the lookout for something better. Wasting time with a guy who’s all over the place is never fun and it never ends well. You might be holding out for when he’ll be a better man for you, for the day when he’ll be so into you that he won’t give you mixed messages ever again. Even if a miracle happened and he started being more consistent, you’d probably feel you can’t trust him. If he could blow hot and cold once, he’ll probably do it again, which will be even harder to deal with. The guy who treats you like this is never going to make you a priority in his life. Instead of letting him treat you like an afterthought, demand more for yourself – but don’t expect him to give it to you. Free up the space on your phone for a better guy’s number who will chase you instead of expecting you to chase him.Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Is He Losing Interest” Quiz right now and find out if he’s really losing interest in you…There’s a secret about guys that not many women know about.A guy who really likes you won’t play such childish games. Be careful: a guy who seems unpredictable and unreliable might be giving you hints that he’s about to get out of your life for good. He only makes an effort when it’s convenient for him to do so, like when he’s bored and lonely so he gives you a call. He should be making an effort all the time, and you should demand nothing less from him. You don’t have time for confused guys who are all over the place and don’t know what they want.Do him and yourself a favor by deleting his number and blocking him first. You don’t need to waste your time with a guy who’s not interested enough in you or who doesn’t like you enough. You need to be with someone who’s sure of himself and has a plan for the future in which you play a leading role.

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