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He is best known for his prophecies of consolation and redemption, which are read as Haftarot on the Sabbaths following the Ninth of Av.

Isaiah’s prophecy includes the well-known verse, “They will beat their swords into plowshares …

nation shall not raise sword against nation, and they will no longer study war.” 11.

Jeremiah – Yirmiyahu (yeer-mee-YAHU) The Book of Jeremiah warns of the Holy Temple’s coming destruction and records the history of the period leading up to that tragedy.

The Book of Kings describes the history of the nation, and those who reigned until the destruction of the Temple, and the exile of the Jews to Babylon.

The Five Books close with the death of “the greatest of all prophets” and “the most humble of all men,” Moses.This prophetic farewell includes rebuke, encouragement, warnings and prophecies.In it, many commandments that would only apply in the Land of Israel and that govern interaction with other nations are explained, and new commandments are given, many of which concern the courts and justice system.Samuel was born in answer to the prayers of his childless mother, Chana, and served from his youth in the Tabernacle under the High Priest, Eli (who was also the last of the Judges). At God’s behest, he anointed Saul to be the first king of Israel, and chose David as Saul’s replacement when the latter failed to destroy the Amalekite enemies of the Jewish people.The life of King David, the most renowned of Israel’s monarchs, is recounted, including his slaying of Goliath, the Philistine; his flight from King Saul; and the rebellion of his son, Absalom.

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As a result, the kingdom of Israel was exiled several generations before Judah – hence the mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes.

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