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When Mandy Muse’s seedy pot dealer, Mark Wood, arrives, the weed he’s delivering seems rather suspect.

But that won’t stop hot, young Mandy from offering her services in trade!

You get your fucking hair back.”The posters are not a personal attack though: They’re promoting “A. Criminals,” Katsu’s new art show opening this weekend in San Francisco, which explores the idea of artificial intelligence as this generation's atomic energy, where the race to profits outweighs the risks.

And although Katsu has famously taken aim at billionaire technocrats before—like his 2015 portrait of Mark Zuckerberg painted with excrement or a 2013 poster of Zuck with a black eye and chipped tooth—Katsu frames Musk as a Cassandra, not the titular criminal.

Since then, the CEO of Space X and Tesla appears to have found a solution, but it’s his earlier incarnation that an experimental artist has plastered across San Francisco this week. “I’m pretty blown away at how good his hair plugs are,” says Katsu, whose mysterious posters appeared in San Francisco and New York City.

In 2015 he hacked a Phantom drone to vandalize a billboard of Kendall Jenner (and jump-start the idea of drone graffiti). “We live in a time where an artist with the right video-graphics cards can begin to teach a computer to learn certain things,” he says.Training models will spit out progress reports to help tune these systems, he says, and those outputs will be the portraits: “Some of the faces are scrambled and repurposed … (He previously collaborated with the group on a graffiti app.) Katsu says he takes pride in demonstrating that new technologies are not solely the province of engineers: “They’re not reserved for the dev community only.You just start to see this kind of system of how they look at eyes or lips or noses. Github is actually insanely easy to use if you try.The all-natural slut eagerly swallows his huge, erect cock.Mark fucks her pretty face and then tongues her asshole.

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