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And, while disseminating and validating are powerful, it’s the aggregating that is a game changer.This will allow students to assemble their own custom curriculum of competencies and credentials collected from multiple sources to validate their preparation for jobs and employment.The oft-cited Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times.” 2018 promises to be interesting times for those of us in online and distance learning.Here are some key topics that I will be following closely because they have the potential to significantly impact our field.There’s a perception that baseline skills are a universal skill-set needed in any workplace.In fact, while it’s true that all baseline skills are in demand, we found the specific set of skills employers want varies considerably–and predictably–from occupation to occupation.

For example, Design jobs emphasize writing, creativity, and attention to detail; but place less emphasis on customer service or management skills.Where that is most important is that some of our students, depending upon which ISP they use, will get far worse service than others – a course with streamed lectures may carry a hefty service charge based on bandwidth.We have become accustomed to our classes being delivered at the same rate and fee as all other services such as You Tube and Hulu and other services.Artificial intelligence; neural computation; quantum computing; blockchain networking; virtual and mixed reality viewing; and much more are all impacting the workplace as well as the way we deliver learning opportunities.The technologies are driving changes in careers, economies and business futures.

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