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There are no reports when it comes to her net worth or her dating life and we are sure that she has got no boyfriend or husband till now. Boothe is definitely not married and has no kids as well.We understand that some people don’t want to share their information to the media, but Lisa is in no position to do so because of her popularity.Fox News suspended him after his involvement in harassment proved.It seems like, despite her success in professional life, Lisa hasn’t had much success in her personal life. She even shares several photos of her dog on her social sites.

Lisa attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2003 and graduated with the degree in political science and development in 2007.

If the age calculated from such assumptions disagrees with what they think the age should be, they conclude that their assumptions did not apply in this case, and adjust them accordingly.

If the calculated result gives an acceptable age, the investigators publish it.

And there are now good reasons for thinking that it might have been quite intense in the past, in which case the craters do not indicate an old age at all (see below).

Ages of millions of years are all calculated by assuming the rates of change of processes in the past were the same as we observe today—called the principle of uniformitarianism.

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