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I have had these on a drop left table in the kitchen that is used as a general work surface for every thing from eating, to sewing, to other crafts activities.Seems strong and easy to use for last 18 it should work fine. I replaced these on a table saw extension because there is no lateral support Not a problem if there is no lateral stress but if there is no other support you will have a wobbly properly installed, there is no load on the leg bracket. The main issue would be if the leg is pushed from the front or the side.I have an antique card table whose hinges need replacement.Each leg folds down a separate side of the bottom inside of the table. Are these the folding brackets that will do the job? There is slight play in the extended position but not at all a problem for this application.

I do not fear a collapse of the legs but the table has more side to side movement than I care for.

The table top is press board with veneer slightly larger than most card tables and with 2x2 legs it is wobbly. I don't know the wt rating but I would consider them lightweight.

Maybe fine for a card table too light for a shop bench.

In both cases, the original table holds up one end and provides the lateral support for the extension.

I think a four legged table at 30 inch or greater height would be rather wobbly without additional support.

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There is a tab that holds the leg in place with it is up and another when it is down.

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