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The procedure in a genderless world is “no procedure”.“We all get that the rules of traditional courtship — in which men make every single advance and women demur or acquiesce — are dead, but we haven’t replaced them with a new standard operating procedure.” In my opinion, if you’re going to throw out all the rules and suggest that there are no roles for men and women whatsoever, you have no right to suggest a new standard operating procedure.The procedure in a genderless world is “no procedure”.If you’re looking for the entire list of categories this “ignoring” falls into to then I suggest you subscribe to my Secret Dirty Truth of Men. He even might feel like whatever he says will only cause another fight anyways.Just keep in mind getting both of my newsletters might be a little overwhelming and occasionally you will be sent the same email twice. 🙂 Most men ignore women for a few reasons based on their relationship with them: He’s sick of listening to you. He chooses to ignore or be silent either out of frustration or play the passive aggressive role because it’s what he always did anyways or he doesn’t know what else to do.I can honestly say, whether you believe it or not, MOST men do knowingly NOT PLAY GAMES. Read this if you want The ONLY Way To Spot A Real Player and If He’s Using Your Body for Sex Think about how hard it is to play such a grand role in someone’s life to which all that could be accomplished.Okay sure it happens but it’s not the norm nor is it most guys goal to put so much time and energy and effort into it. With that said, let’s skip the massive “game playing” answer.But since my forte is helping smart, strong, successful women understand men and find love, we can’t ignore the reality of the situation, outlined by Friedman: “This catch-22 presents women with a few options, none of which are appealing.You can directly pursue a man, but only if you want to convey that you’re only in it for sex.

I’m looking to share a life with someone, not become their entertainment coordinator.

Sex is a fun topic to write about and I’ve written a LOT about it.

But this piece by Ann Friedman in New York magazine is so spot on that I wish I had written it myself.

But then again, if women like sex just as much as men, why can’t they pursue it in the same way? But socially, many straight men still find it a turnoff when women are sexual aggressors.

And this is where society – for better or worse – kicks in. Which means that, for women, aggressively pursuing the thing they want actually leads to them not getting it….

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