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"Unfortunately, I will only be able to have a consultation with youtoday." "What?

" "I can't do your annual examination today because of the time." "You mean I waited for nothing?

She walked out while I started on the pile of bureaucratic paperwork that would alert my new doctor of any previous ailments.

The minutes ticked by slowly while I waited, then the doorknob turned.

" "I don't know I have never had this issue before." "I'm willing to signa paper saying that I consent to the exam with no one else present.

I just want to get it over with and I sure don't want to wait for 2 hours on another occasion." He looked at me and quietly said, "Ok." Handing me a paper I scrawled aquick note regarding the situation, signed it and returned it to him.

I had to laugh to myself when he left because I really didn't see the point of him leaving since we were the only 2 here and I had signed a waiver releasing him of any liability. Do you mind if I have one of my colleagues stand by for the examination? I suddenly felt very vulnerable but also very excited.

I did as told then sat back on the examination table again. " "No, I don't mind." His colleague walked in while I tried to keep the breath from leaving mylungs. The stories in penthouse about ‘extraordinary encounters' crossed my mind.

I wondered what kind of images I could conjure up of me with 2 doctors. The doctor rolled a tray close to the table with the necessary equipment on it.

Horribly I felt my dirty mind wondering if his cock was shrouded in the same mass of black hair.

As much as the younger doctor was gorgeous, the older doctor turned me on because I know that wisdom and maturity come with age. " "Oh Doctor, I think he found something." "Does it hurt?

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After the day I had I was in the frame of mind to push their limits. The younger doctor told me tolie back on the table then delicately took hold of each of my ankles, placing my feet in the stirrups. "You will feel something cool while I slide in the speculum." The doctor used his fingers to spread my lips then expertly slipped thespeculum into my body.

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