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Research Interests: Thermodynamic modeling of materials, Kinetic modeling of metallurgical processes such as solidification and diffusion, Application of thermodynamic modeling to industrial processes.

Research Interests: Systems and control theory, System identification (data-based modeling), Estimation and Kalman filtering, Input reconstruction, Applications of above areas to mechanical and biomechanical problems.

Research Interests: Theoretical aspects of magnetism with emphasis on exactly solvable models, Non-existence of magnetic ordering in one and two dimensional Hubbard model, Monte Carlo techniques to integer spin systems.

After winning two medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, short track skater Katherine Reutter-Adamek (who previously competed under just her maiden name, Reutter) retired at age 24 due to persistent injuries.

Research Interests: Mineral Processing and Process Metallurgy, Transport Phenomena, Mathematical Modelling & Simulation, Process Design and Development, Process Control in Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy.

Research Interests: Structure-property correlation, Super plastic forming and formability of materials, Development of aluminum based alloys, Energy reduction & wastes utilization, Physical metallurgy, Materials science, Basic metal forming.

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