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As the University of Oxford linguist Deborah Cameron puts it, when Oxford Dictionaries says its examples “come from real-world use,” it’s suggesting that “the sexism is in the world, and we just describe it.” This reasoning turns out not to hold up in the case of “rabid feminist,” though: Oxford tweeted that when its lexicographers searched their corpus—the archive of linguistic data, drawn from books, newspapers, and other writing, from which most dictionaries select example sentences—they found that combinations like “rabid fan” and “rabid supporter” were more commonly used; therefore, linguists told me, the entry might warrant adjusting for reasons of accuracy as well as sensitivity.The solution isn’t so obvious when it comes to words such as “housework” and “shrill,” or in other cases where Oxford’s corpus may confirm that the most representative usage is, indeed, a sexist one.As we all know too well, with the inflated housing numbers of the 2000s it was easy to get a mortgage for many years.In fact, I've seen many people get a 2nd mortgage literally days after buying their house. The housing market dropped drastically in 20, causing many people to lose quite a bit of equity in their home. Notwithstanding, you're still going to have to pay for it somehow (in case you'd forgotten about that little part of it;-).

Unsecured Loans For those persons that cannot get a 2nd mortgage or home-equity line, there is still hope.This drop in home values has affected pool financing in a variety of ways.To give you an example, I had multiple pool shoppers give me a deposit in 2009 only to later find out that there wasn't enough equity in their home to get the loan.More than ever, today's healthcare providers must focus on what they do best: taking the utmost care of their patients.At us, we will do more than deliver the facilities management services you need to look after your people and premises.

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