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There is no evidence to suggest that red orbs are harmful or more negative than white orbs.

The color difference may simply be a reflection of the spirit's energy at the time of his death—or the color may be caused by the shape/frequency of of the orb (wavelength theory #1).

If a particle happens to be of a certain makeup or shape, it will tend to absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others, thus giving the perception of a certain color.

Paravision has an interesting page on the anatomy of an orb.

Almost immediately I caught what looks like an orb.But, I never saw with my eyes the orbs until after the pictures were taken. Coincidence or real, honest-to-goodness paranormal orbs? (I can't upload the pictures right now because this computer doesn't support my memory stick.) Thanks, Annie Hi Annie.In my experience, a lot of orb photos can be caused by man-made sources, such as light reflecting off the camera, dust on the lens, etc.By this point the "orbs" had gotten smaller so I "asked" to make them bigger.Almost immediatley I got a large one, just like the first along with another picture of a shower of orbs.

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