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During the ten years of rule by Manfredo King of Sicily, illegitimate son of Emperor Friedrich, a change in the practice of noble appointments can be observed from the primary sources, which reveal only a handful of new counts most of whom were the kings relatives on his mothers side of the family.The holdings of Manfredos nobles were confiscated by King Charles I after his accession in 1266, and a new group of nobility arrived in the kingdom, notably the various members of the Baux family of Provence who came to Naples with the Angevin king.This is not especially satisfactory as it in no way reflects the divisions which existed in medieval times.Nevertheless, it is anticipated that it will prove more helpful to future research to group the nobility territorially.

The nobles in question were vassals of the dukes of Apulia, later kings of Sicily.The arrival of the Normans in southern Italy in the early 11th century triggered a complete change in the profile of the nobility.The new Norman rulers established their own network of counties and appointed their own followers as counts.It is noteworthy that the primary sources so far consulted do not mention any counts who were installed on the island of Sicily itself, the territories established on the Italian mainland presumably being less challenging to maintain.Two comprehensive documents provide an effective census of nobility in the kingdom of Sicily for the mid-12th and mid-13th centuries.

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