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There is no suggestion that any pupils or other members of staff at any of the schools are guilty of any wrongdoing.

A spokesperson for Cambridge International Examinations said: ‘Protecting the integrity of our exams is our priority and we take very seriously our duties to ensure that all of our examinations are fair, and that all students receive an appropriate and valid grade.‘We can’t provide any detail about the investigation, as this would compromise the privacy and data of individuals, but we can assure you that our investigations are robust and thorough.‘We sympathise with the students who have been affected through no fault of their own.’A spokesman for Charterhouse school told the newspaper: ‘Charterhouse staff were made aware of concerns raised by pupils and referred the matter to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) at the time.‘We have been assured by CIE that our pupils have not been affected.

Smart and sexy, Debbie could have any man she wanted. Born to 13 year old Charity Dingle and Charity's 15 year old cousin Cain, she was given up for adoption.

She arrived in the village in 2002 as the temporary foster child of Paddy and Emily Kirk, as her alcoholic adoptive mother, Pat, was admitted to hospital.

Any suggestion of malpractice is concerning and should be looked into,’ a spokesman said.‘Cambridge International Examinations board are dealing with the incidents ‎and have made the exam regulator Ofqual aware.’Tory MP and chairman of the Education select committee, Robert Halfon, described the development as ‘worrying’.‘To have one example is bad enough but to have two in some one Britain’s top private schools is more worrying,’ he told The Telegraph.‘Questions need to be asked about whether this is more widespread and whether there is a conflict of interest over this practice.’Last week it emerged that Eton pupils studying economics had seen an email that ‘breached exam security’.

The Winchester College incident is thought to have come to light after a female student at another independent school, Downe House, claimed to overhear Winchester students discussing the upcoming exam online.

Senior investigating officer Detective Sergeant Gemma Hunter, said: “I am pleased with this excellent result, and hope that the victims who have suffered for decades can finally find closure knowing that their abuser has been brought to justice.

Det Con Sarah Fox, officer in the case, said: “Hilary used his position of authority as both a PE teacher and a sports coach to gain the trust of these girls – who are now women - and he abused that trust in the most awful way.Deborah "Debbie" Dingle (previously Jones) is the daughter of the village bad boy Cain Dingle and his ex-fling Charity, though she first arrived in the village as a foster child of Paddy and Emily Kirk.She is also the half-sister of Noah, Kyle, Moses and Isaac.But exam board Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) said that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Charterhouse or its students.Tim Hands, headmaster at £30,000-a-year Winchester College, said the school had treated the matter ‘very seriously’.‘No boy was to blame for the exam irregularity, and the Board used standard procedures to award final grades,’ he said.‘One teacher was suspended and has now retired from the school, and all those boys holding university offers dependent on a grade in Art History have now had those offers confirmed by their first or second choice university.’A letter has been circulated to parents to inform them of the investigation and its findings.

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