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All of which combined continue to preserve Wimbledon’s place both in British heritage and at the forefront of the tennis world.

As would also be the tradition for many Wimbledon tournaments to follow until a retractable roof was installed over centre court in 2009, the final was postponed due to rain.

However, modern day Wimbledon spectators would be sure to recognise many of the rules of the game which were first introduced by the All England Club’s Committee in 1877 as an adaptation of those put in place by the Marylebone Cricket Club, perversely the then controlling body of ‘real’ tennis.

Whilst no tournaments were held at Wimbledon during 1915-19-1945 because of the First and Second World Wars, the game continued to grow in popularity.

For the men’s singles winners the trophy was a silver gilt cup engraved with the words “The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World” and inscribed with the name of winners dating back to 1877.

In 2009, when there was no more room for the names of future Wimbledon Champions, the addition of a black plinth adorned with a silver band was incorporated so that more names could be commemorated.

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